For  Love of Art  & Ericka

​     Stone Terner is a handsome, underachieving heir to a media mogul in Boston. Ericka Hanson is an ambitious, striking attractive Midwesterner. Their mutual appreciation for the arts draws them together into an ill-fated  affair on Cape Cod. 

     Five years later, he is forced to turn around the worst talk radio station in Cleveland as a condition of his father's will. When he learns that Ericka is living there, his mission goes well beyond saving the broadcast station.


     When they pin their hopes for the future on a wild arts-talk programming concept, conflicts and challenges come out from the least expected places including the deep passion (and lust) they have for one another.

     In the backdrop is a drastically changing time  for radio in America due to new competition and deregulation.  A colorful cadre of characters sit behind the microphone hilariously coping with the circumstances. Even the city's arts elites are dragged into the satirical, topsy-turvy romantic comedy.

* * * *

     For Love of Art & Ericka is based on Truesdell's stage play Sparts Radio, praised by Kansas City newspaper critic Alan Scherstuhl:

“An ambitious new comedy... equal parts romantic comedy and media satire.

At its best it asks why we're trained to value sports over the humanities;

and it even posits a tough, classist theory.”

Soon available in paperback, eBook, and audio book spoken by author.

For Theatre Producers:

A complementary copy of my play Sparts Radio is available to you as a script in PDF. Professional and amateur rights are available by contacting me at Favorable royalties.