It's 1999 and deregulation is drastically changing radio in America. Enter Stone Turner, Jr., an underachieving arts-loving bachelor who has just inherited a failing sports talk radio station in Cleveland that he must turnaround or lose everything.

But WSPR-AM is not his only mission in Northern Ohio. He's in pursuit of Ericka Hanson, the sophisticated communications specialist who put a spell on him in Boston.  Stone tries to rekindle their love affair while she argues that he needs to convert the sports talker into "arts talk with attitude!"

The station's cadre of characters, and many of the city's arts elites, get caught up in this hilarious topsy-turvy voyage.

Bases on my critically praised play Sparts Radio, and originally published by Trafford,The Wild Pitch is available in soft bound and e-book editions. 221 pages, all rights reserved.

"An ambitious new comedy . . . equal parts romantic comedy and media satire. At its best it asks why we're trained to value sports over the humanities; and it even posits a tough, classist theory."

Alan Scherstuhl, Theatre Critic

The Pitch , Kansas City

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